Background Investigations

Background Intelligence Bureau routinely helps our clients with investigations related to assett verification reports, bankruptcy due dilligence, digital investigations, skip trace-locates, and more.

Background investigations can provide an in-depth history or insight into a subject’s known or unknown histories. Criminal background investigations, hidden or past assets, financial data, workers’ compensation, employment background investigation, police records, civil history, and other public records are just the beginning of a background investigation.

Records available to us, as private investigators, are not the same set of records that law enforcement uses. Private investigators are not limited like police agencies when conducting background searches.

If we conduct an online investigation or a background check we can compile more complete and accurate records than many government agencies.

Asset Verification Background Report: Assets can include property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, businesses, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, safe deposti boxes, etc. Inquiries are conducted to discover the current assets a subject may have. A subject may be hiding assets domestically or abroad. We search extensively to discover where a subject may be hiding assets worldwide.

Background Intelligence Bureau will find what they are hiding and what you’re looking for.

Often law firms utilize our asset verification backround report to uncover hidden assets against the party they are taking to court.

Background Intelligence Bureau can help you find people with whom you have lost contact, whether it is an old friend from school, someone you met on vacation, or a family member you have not heard from in a long time.

Locating Lost people may include an old friend from school, a lost contact, someone you met while traveling, an estranged family member, or anyone with whom you wish to get in touch with but for whom you have no information.

Skip trace investigations do not always involve people who do not want to be found.  Sometimes, you lose touch with close friends or relatives and no longer have contact with someone who was once important to you.

If you are trying to reconnect with someone, call or send an email to Background Intelligence Bureau today and let us help you locate them.  Our global network of resources will help to provide you with the information you need.

Are you finding instant messages or emails from unknown senders on your computer? Are the messages you are receiving threatening or creepy?  A Background Intelligence Bureau investigator can track down the name, address and location of the sender, and tell you who is cyber-stalking you utilizing their internet protocol (IP) address.  Finding the internet protocol (IP) addresses is your first step in the investigation.

An IP address contains;

  • Who owns and operates the network address
  • Domain name/ computer name
  • Geolocation
  • Email address
  • Local service provider

All ISPs are based on subscriptions to the company, these companies have records of everything their subscriber’s do while on the internet. The timeframe that ISPs retain data from subscribers varies, therefore the investigation must move quickly.